02 Apr 2021

How Codeyoung’s Long Term Curriculum Can Help Kids Learn Effectively

Hritika Singh

On talking to parents and mentors we realized that there was a gap in online learning. There was no set learning path for kids to follow. To bridge this gap, we launched a ‘long term curriculum’ last month. Through this, we aim to provide a well-defined learning journey for all students. A step-by-step progress in the courses, new courses with better class engagement, the introduction of mini-projects, problem-solving sessions - we have a lot in store for you!

Let’s dive deeper into it.

What is a long term curriculum?

We believe that learning should never stop. So we laid out a well-defined curriculum for kids to progress through different steps ensuring life-long learning. The long-term curriculum advances through levels of learning, chalking out steps for students one level at a time.

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Why a long term curriculum?

In 1964, Bertram Gross in his book ‘The Managing of Organizations’, first coined the term ‘Information Overload’. The term signifies the inability of making decisions due to the high consumption of information on a particular topic.

For a student who has never learned anything about programming before, the influx of information in their courses could be overwhelming. While the courses are designed in a way that promotes the ease of learning for young students, some still might find it daunting. On doing basic research, our team found out that very few courses have a step-by-step designed curriculum - where the difficulty level increases from low to medium to high and the content doesn’t get mundane to keep up the interest levels of students, thus increasing the completion rate.

Moreover, most of the courses in the market offered online do not have a roadmap to follow after the completion of the learning modules. This might lead to the kids feeling confused about the next steps and eventually losing interest in the topic.

We wanted to address these pain points to ensure effective online learning for all our Codeyoung students. Thus, we interviewed several parents of the Codeyoung community to ask about their opinion on online courses and how they think we can improve. The results were similar to what we expected. About 84% of them felt that most courses lack a structured learning path designed. This often caused their kids to lose interest in the subject.

And thus, our team, the mentors sat down together to come up with the long-term curriculum. We divided the entire curriculum into different levels and chalked out a well-defined roadmap for kids who want to master their skills.

How can it help students?

The long-term curriculum is made after incorporating the feedback from the parents and mentors. Here’s how it will help all the students of the Codeyoung community -

A step by step guide

The course is designed in a way that the students progress with their learning at their own pace. The classes aim to cover all aspects of the course one session at a time. The learning is not crunched into a few classes but spread out in a longer period of time with various projects, mini projects, and assessments in between. This will ensure the retention of learnings and will keep the student engaged in their course till the very end. In fact, after completion, the student will have a good idea of the next steps in their learning path.

Projects at every learning step

The long-term curriculum has several mini-projects, assessments, projects to ensure that the learning is just not limited to theory. After every four to five sessions there's a mini-project session where kids apply their learnings and create a project. This was done so that students are actively building and creating projects using their knowledge and employ their creativity.

Since we focus on the overall development of the students, we have also included group projects for the students. For group projects, each student would be assigned a fellow learner. This will help the student to improve their communication skills and foster teamwork from a very young age. Moreover, we have students from 5+ countries. Assigning partners will expose young students to different cultures. They will also be able to make friends who have similar interests, virtually.

New courses with better class engagement

To fill the gaps in the existing curriculum we added courses which can help kids to pursue their interest, be it web development, game development, app development, and Machine learning. The long-term curriculum will also have a better student-mentor interaction to ensure improved pre-class engagement, in-class engagement, and post-class engagement.

We have included the courses which enable our kids to create something meaningful which is applicable in their day-to-day life. This way the student will be able to relate their courses to their everyday surroundings making them more aware. The courses will help the kids to identify problems and provide them with a roadmap on how to approach them. This will help them become better problem-solvers and critical thinkers.

Problem-solving sessions

In JAVA and Python, we have added a problem-solving session where students actively engage in problem-solving and able to think and learn about approaches towards solving problems that one comes across in programming.

We all encounter problems on a day-to-day basis. Some small and easy to solve, and there are some which are larger, more complex, and difficult. Through coding, children learn to think and learn about different situations that are not the norm. They learn to analyze options and have to come up with a way to solve any challenges they come across. These problem-solving skills are a great benefit in their day-to-day lives and can help them to solve real-life situations.

What to expect?

An enhanced Codeyoung experience. Our core values remain the same but we have upgraded our ways to provide the best to our students. Here’s all that the long curriculum has to offer -

  • One-on-one interaction with top mentors from Tier-1 premier institutes including IITs and BITS
  • A diverse group of peers from over 5+ countries
  • Courses for kids of all ages -
  • Grade 1-6: Scratch Jr, Scratch, MIT App Inventor
  • Grade 6+: Web development, JAVA, Python
  • A practical learning experience through projects spread across the duration of the course
  • Access to the Codeyoung community of students and parents
  • A well-defined learning path that progresses through various learning stages.

And much more! Join the community of learners today. Still not sure if coding is for your child? Book a free trial to kickstart your child’s coding journey today!

About Codeyoung

Codeyoung is a platform where your kids can let their imaginations run wild. It is a platform where students are taught to be creative, innovative and use coding in the most unusual way possible. Our classes are for kids between the ages of 5-17.

We also offer courses in Robotics and conduct regular coding contests. Kids at Codeyoung can also learn the Intro of Node and React and SQL course. Through regular projects and assignments, we keep a track of progress and the learning milestones of the kids.

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