16 Mar 2021

Coding For Kids: 5 Benefits of learning coding at a young age

Hritika Singh

The world outside is changing at a rapid pace. So are the required skills in the industry. No matter which profession you choose, some skills and qualities are non-negotiable. This includes teamwork, problem-solving and creativity.

The ability to work effectively in teams is valued across professions in the industry. When working on a problem, it is always great to have the opinions of different people. It thus becomes important for people to look beyond their perspective. They must also allow conflicts of interest for the greater good of the project.

Even beyond the likes of the advancement of tech and the number of job opportunities, coding helps develop a few crucial skills at a young age.

As a young kid who is still forming their perception of the world, it is easier to grasp new things. Exposing them to different views from people and teaching them to work collectively will help them become better team players.

Let us look at some of the benefits of coding for kids -

1. A competitive advantage, a step ahead in the curriculum

Coding for kids helps them understand the concepts taught in science and math classes better. It gives them the chance to apply all the concepts in real life. Moreover, they understand the behind the scenes of all things tech. Contrary to popular belief, coding isn’t as difficult and monotonous as it sounds. Kids can start by learning simple visual programming languages like Scratch.

Such languages make the learning process easy and reduce the pain points for kids. Once the kid gets comfortable with the language, they can proceed to more complex languages of their choice. This step by step transition makes it easier for kids to adapt to the different types of programming languages rather than exposing them to it all at once.

With NEP 2020 in place, coding will be taught in schools. This move comes in the light of the potential advancements in the changing job industry and making the kids future-ready.

2. Helps them structure their ideas better

Coding celebrates the idea of problem-solving. Say, you have an idea for a new game. Right from the inception of the idea to designing it, making it user-friendly to finally deploying it - you have to go through different steps. Each step requires you to use your logical reasoning abilities to come to solutions.

Coding for kids helps them structure their thoughts and ideas in a way that is easier to communicate. Programmers are known to have a methodical approach when working on problems. In the long term, this can help them categorize their thoughts better resulting in more efficient outputs. Learning to do this at a young age can help your kid get ahead of the curve.

3. Helps them become better team players

When learning in a peer group, kids are exposed to different ideas. They get a chance to look at problems differently and arrive at a solution that is best viable to the problem. This helps them build their skills and ability to think through obstacles. At the same time, they have to present their idea to others in a clear way. This helps them articulate their thoughts and ideas better at the same time also helps them think from a different person’s perspective.

The collaborative learning approach of students makes the process more fun and pushes them to come up with solutions on their own.

4. Getting future-ready

A report by the Guardian said that “400m to 800m jobs are predicted to be lost to technology by 2030.” The article also stresses the developments on the front of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation. This is causing a major shift in people trying to upskill themselves. The same report also notes that the number of coders around the world will rise to almost 28 million by 2023.

With the industry becoming more tech-friendly, mundane tasks are being automated. This increases the demand for coders. Learning this skill at a young age will help kids grow up with technology, making them ready for the future.

5. Fosters creativity while being persistent

Every child is creative in their own ways. They have a different outlook on the world around them. This creativity is usually reflected in the extracurricular activities they take part in. Coding for kids is a great way to channelise their creativity and encourage them to push their ideas forward.

While solving a problem, coders need to go back and forth with their ideas to arrive at a solution. This helps them hone the art of persistence while seeking different ways to reach the answer.


There are several coding communities that bring together both beginners and experts to share their progress, projects and learnings. Such communities help kids learn from different people, share their views and nurture their interest in coding.

There are many such benefits of enrolling children into coding for kids online classes. It is crucial to understand their interest areas and accordingly pick from a variety of online courses for kids that best suits their needs. Even if they do not pursue coding as their career path in the future, taking up a few coding classes will help them gain the right skills for the future.

Hritika Singh

An edtech enthusiast, avid reader who is found exploring new places and writing about them.