16 Mar 2021

10 Benefits of Learning Coding at a Young Age

Hritika Singh

The world outside is changing at a rapid pace. So are the required skills in the industry. No matter which profession you choose, some skills and qualities are non-negotiable. This includes teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity.

Even beyond the likes of the advancement of tech and the number of job opportunities, coding helps develop a few crucial skills which are the benefits of learning programming languages at a young age. As a young kid who is still forming their perception of the world, it is easier to grasp new things. Exposing them to different views from people and teaching them to work collectively will help them become better team players.

10 Benefits of Learning to Code at a Young Age

1)Children develop cognitive skills

Coding for kids helps them learn a logical, problem-solving approach that is similar to that of a computer as they learn to read and write code. Because computational thinking is a mode of thinking that solves practical issues, it may be applied to circumstances other than coding. Teach-Kids-to-Code.jpg

2)To improve the child's communication skills


It's like learning a new language when it comes to coding. While it isn't Spanish or Italian, learning to code requires some of the same skills as learning a new language. We become better communicators when we learn a new language. We must be able to break things down into simple terms. This is also true when it comes to the benefits of coding.

3)Children learn to solve difficulties

Coding allows children to break down big problems into smaller parts. This problem-solving method can be used in a variety of fields. Scientists, for example, address difficulties by formulating hypotheses and then testing them one by one. A programmer debugs an issue by creating intelligent hypotheses and altering pieces of his code one at a time to see which one solves the problem.

4)Enhance mathematical skills

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Algorithmic thinking is defined as the capacity to establish explicit stages for addressing a problem or completing a task. Repetition, sequencing, and conditional logic are some of the computing ideas involved. Kids utilize algorithms all the time, even if they aren't aware of it, particularly in arithmetic (such as when doing long division problems) and science. Algorithmic thinking enables children to deconstruct issues and consider solutions in a step-by-step manner.

5)Kids develop tenacity

Children learn to keep trying even if what they're making doesn't work. They feel obligated to discover what isn't working, why it isn't functioning, and how to fix it until it does. While solving a problem, coders need to go back and forth with their ideas to arrive at a solution. This helps them hone the art of persistence while seeking different ways to reach the answer.

6)Dedication and zest to learn

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Coding for kids can help your child discover a lifelong passion and help him choose a future job — With the advancement of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, and robotics, computer programming could be one of the fastest-growing and most intriguing professions in the next few decades. Children who are introduced to code acquire a liking, if not a passion, for it and discover that it is what they want to do with their lives.

7)Future opportunity

Coding can produce a lot of monetary opportunities for particularly creative and entrepreneurial coders – Several accounts exist of youthful coders who used their ideas to create software, apps, games, and websites that allowed them to become wealthy at a young age. There are numerous accounts of young app developers becoming millionaires. Many teenagers who sell their coding and web-design skills online can accumulate enough money for college.


A report by the Guardian said that “400m to 800m jobs are predicted to be lost to technology by 2030.” The article also stresses the developments on the front of artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation. This is causing a major shift in people trying to upskill themselves. The same report also notes that the number of coders around the world will rise to almost 28 million by 2023.

With the industry becoming more tech-friendly, mundane tasks are being automated. This increases the demand for coders. Learning this skill at a young age will help kids grow up with technology, making them ready for the future.

8)Coding boosts self-assurance.

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Parents who have sent their children to a FunTech coding class or course frequently say that their child's confidence and communication have improved. This can be attributed to not just the fundamentals of learning new things outside of their comfort zone. When learning in a peer group, kids are exposed to different ideas. They get a chance to look at problems differently and arrive at a solution that is best viable to the problem. This helps them build their skills and ability to think through obstacles. At the same time, they have to present their idea to others in a clear way. This helps them articulate their thoughts and ideas better at the same time also helps them think from a different person’s perspective.

9)Coding aids in the development of core soft skills.

Your youngster will progress through increasingly difficult processes and issues as they learn to code. As individuals write more complex code, they should naturally enhance their focus and organizational abilities. Coding can also aid in the development of their resilience and communication skills.

10)Coding encourages hands-on learning

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It's a hands-on approach to learning in which pupils adapt and learn by interacting with their surroundings. The premise behind learning by doing is that we learn better when we really "do" something. The kid will grasp the software they are using to play the game if they learn by doing. Later on, students learn more about how items move, how many points they may get, and so on. It is an active practice rather than a passive one. Active engagement helps children learn more deeply and encourages them to make mistakes.

Coding for kids helps them understand the concepts taught in science and math classes better. It gives them the chance to apply all the concepts in real life. Such languages make the learning process easy and reduce the pain points for kids. Once the kid gets comfortable with the language, they can proceed to more complex languages of their choice. This step-by-step transition makes it easier for kids to adapt to the different types of programming languages rather than exposing them to them all at once.

With NEP 2020 in place, coding will be taught in schools. This move comes in the light of the potential advancements in the changing job industry and making the kids future-ready.


There are several coding communities that bring together both beginners and experts to share their progress, projects, and learnings. Such communities help kids learn from different people, share their views and nurture their interest in coding.

There are many such benefits of enrolling children into coding for kids' online classes. It is crucial to understand their interest areas and accordingly pick from a variety of online courses for kids that best suits their needs. Even if they do not pursue coding as their career path in the future, taking up a few coding classes will help them gain the right skills for the future. Visit Codeyoung to know more about it!

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  • Aids children in coming up with imaginative solutions to challenges and expressing their thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coding used for?

Coding enables us to develop items such as computer software, websites, apps, video games, operating systems, and so on. Because of lines of code, the backdrop on this page is the way it is. For mobile devices, mobile developers create new applications or adapt existing websites. Mobile developers write code that allows websites and apps to be transferred to mobile devices without losing their appearance or functionality. A programmer creates instructions that describe the data and tasks required to create a visual or complete a task.

How to learn to code?

Researching all the various programming languages and studying their basics, is the best way to learn to code. Then go through their videos, to know where your interests lie and your skills relate. Before you begin any task, develop a study strategy for yourself. Numerous online platforms and websites are available for coding for kids, one of the best ones is Codeyoung!

How to learn to code for beginners?

At a young age, learning to code allows kids to gain a better understanding of the world around them. Coding enables students to visualize abstract concepts, allows them to apply arithmetic to real-life circumstances, and could understand the STEM curriculum more easily. As a young kid who is still forming their perception of the world, it is easier to grasp new things. Exposing them to different views from people and teaching them to work collectively will help them become better team players.

What are the advantages of coding?

Coding is already a significant element of this technological progress, and it will become even more so when new robotics and automated technologies emerge. Few of the benefits of learning programming languages can also provide you with numerous options in more creative industries. Even beyond the likes of the advancement of tech and the number of job opportunities, coding helps develop a few crucial skills at a young age. Coding can help to engage kids’ learning centers of the brain. It can help kids strengthen their problem-solving abilities and cognitive abilities.

Why is it important to learn to code?

When a child is learning to code, they will frequently discover that there are multiple solutions to a problem. Also, coding makes a kid think 'out of the box. It enhances their creativity and imagination. It promotes critical thinking and focuses on assisting students in developing and implementing problem-solving skills. Because it's "cross-disciplinary," it's a good idea to start teaching it in elementary or even preschool.

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