22 Mar 2021

4 ways that can help kids learn effectively in online classes

Hritika Singh

Online learning is the future of education. Not only does it remove the pain point of traveling to far-off places to attend the class physically but it also brings in opportunities right into your bedroom. One can get access to top-quality mentors and courses from anywhere in the world without having to spend exorbitant amounts.

Imagine sitting in a class with students from diverse backgrounds and learning with them! Online learning has created a no-border learning environment where anyone and everyone can participate in classes and courses that were otherwise inaccessible to them.

However, distractions know no bounds and it becomes important to make the best out of the opportunities presented to us. Keeping that in mind, we have created a list of four ways to make sure online learning never stops!

1. Finding the right spot

This is one of the most crucial parts of making the most out of any online class. As tempting as it may seem to your child, make sure they attend their classes far away from their bed. While a desk and chair arrangement is the best way to get started, it is equally important to ensure that the place receives ample light and is further away from distractions.

Finding that intersection between comfort and discipline is what makes your child’s study area a perfect spot. A wall-facing table is better than a window-facing one as it minimizes distractions. To ensure that your child is actively engaging with the class, make sure to remove any intrusion including the notifications of other electronic devices, during the time of their classes. Help them make notes and award them by giving treats when they complete their work.

2. Allowing them flexibility in their schedule

As the lockdown progressed and schools moved online, the screen time of children increased drastically. Back-to-back online classes can be both mentally and physically straining to the child. It is thus important to maintain a proper schedule with the right amounts of breaks in between. With this, it is also crucial for kids to hydrate themselves regularly and maintain a proper diet.

To maximize the learning outcome of any class, a parent can help their kids start by writing down the main topics of discussion while attending it. The student can go through these points later in the day. Studies have shown that students with better time management skills and a structure in their day-to-day activities perform well in terms of their GPA.

Allowing them flexibility in their schedule and making them have ample time for their studies and leisure activities will help them become better learners. Being consistent every day and following a structured schedule is the key to learn better in classes.

3. Understanding the kid’s learning style

The VARK model says that there are four types of learning styles. These include Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and Kinesthetic learning. This essentially means that everybody has a different way of learning. Some learn well when topics are visually presented to them (Visual) while some like to read out loud (Reading) or write to memorize things quickly (Writing). Listening to concepts helps some people to learn better (Auditory). Kinesthetic learning on the other hand is a combination of visual, reading, and auditory learning.

It is essential to understand the best learning style for the students and help them work out their pace accordingly.

4. Staying in touch with the teachers

In times of online learning, talking to your kid’s teachers about their progress is the best way forward. Teachers make sure to make their class as interactive as possible and even in online classes they keep track of every child’s growth.

This can be a great way to understand the areas of improvement of kids. Teachers can also tell you more effective ways by which children can progress better with their studies. With this, make sure your kid interacts with their classmates regularly. Encourage them to ask about their doubts in the class and to participate in the class conversations.


Online learning is making education accessible to most people. It, therefore, becomes crucial to make the best use of it. Not only educational classes but today you can learn almost everything online. Maintaining a structure and setting a customized learning pace keeping in mind the child’s learning techniques is the key to acing the online classes.

Hritika Singh

An edtech enthusiast, avid reader who is found exploring new places and writing about them.