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Best coding platform for kids. Codeyoung provides live online coding classes for kids between the age of 5 - 17

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Codeyoung - Loved by parents and students alike.

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My son has fun learning coding with Codeyoung. The sessions are interactive and challenging. The best part is he sits to try his hand at newer things. The teacher is also very careful to make sure she solves all the doubts and problems individually. Our experience with Codeyoung has been amazing so far.
Fatema Arsiwala, Mustafa
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My 8-year-old daughter is really enjoying the Scratch course with Codeyoung. She practically waits for every session and I haven’t seen her so excited for any other class. The mentor Kavita is very good with kids and knows how to deal with them to get work done. I am really happy and looking forward to many more exciting sessions.
Vaishali Thakkar, Divyana
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My child enjoys the Scratch classes with Codeyoung a lot. In the beginning, he was a little nervous about the classes, but once he started the course, he was spending 30 minutes everyday on Scratch. The trainer is also very good, she helps my child a lot in the class. He is learning new concepts everyday. I highly recommend this course to other kids also.
Samtha Vishal, Prateek
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We're pleased with our son's progress in the Scratch workshop at the age of 8 years. Fun with learning improved my child's coding, creativity, problem solving, logical thinking skills & confidence. I recommend this platform to everyone who has a passion for coding. You can also make wonders as Phani Raj made at Codeyoung platform.
Swathi Raj Rapaka, Phani Raj
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मैंने अपने बेटे अंश 9 वर्षीय का एड मिशन कराया और पाया कि मात्र 4 क्लास के बाद ही बहुत बढ़िया गेम बनाने लगा, क्लासेज के दौरान मैंने पाया कि मैनेजमेंट भी बहुत अच्छा है Codeyoung कक्षाओं का । अब तो क्लास 5 का मेरा बेटा खुद ब खुद ही अपनी हर आने वाली क्लास के लिए जागरूक बन गया है। आने वाले समय मे Codeyoung अंश के प्रोफेशनल लाइफ का हिस्सा जरूर होगा, ऐसा मेरा विश्वास है।
Ranjana Awasthi, Ansh
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Scratch course offered by Codeyoung is something that has given wings to my child's imagination. His interest has increased manifold in coding. For this I admire team Codeyoung for their support. I recommend Codeyoung platform to all those who want to make their children learn coding with interest & fun as Aaditya does.
Preeti Jain Gupta, Aaditya's Mother