28 Mar 2022

Why we launched Maths for Kids course at Codeyoung?

Mohit Khandelwal

Few years back, we had launched a platform to teach coding to kids with a singular aim to provide leverage and means for the kids to bring out their creativity and be a creator. We succeeded in taking this revolution to 15K+ kids across the globe while ensuring relentless focus on the learning outcomes for them.

While we were designing the curriculum and adapting it to the age of the kids, a critical key input in it was the expected knowledge of math that the kid would have at a particular age. For example, for kids to take up scratch, they were expected to understand arithmetic, measurements, logical operations etc. Or for somebody to get into machine learning, it was important for them to know linear algebra, probability, statistics etc. We would consciously offer courses only to kids who had the prerequisite math skills to ensure proper course outcomes.

Overtime, we empirically were able to prove our hypothesis that kids stronger in math did pretty well in coding as well. And kids could progress much faster in coding if they could be further strengthened in their math skills. We discussed internally and came to a natural conclusion that we should also offer Math as a course - which will not only help the kids become stronger in math (which in itself is a significantly important life skill) but also lay down a strong foundation for the kids to become much better coders as well.

So, here we are today - launching our carefully designed Math course for kids🔥. The curriculum has been diligently prepared over the last 6 months to ensure

  • Interactive and real life example based teaching of concepts 👩‍🏫
  • Mastery through relentless practice 🏆
  • Adaptation of curriculum as per the child’s aptitude 💪
  • Special focus on topics which become the foundation for coding 🚀

We hope that with math also we are able to achieve an impact equivalent or more than what we have been able to achieve with coding. If you are interested for your child, do reach out to us on support@codeyoung.com or call us on +91-91102-13030 and schedule your free trial class for math.

PS: We want to reward our early believers - and hence for the first 300 enrolments, we will offer a flat 50% off across! Now isn’t that at least worth exploring? 🤤

Mohit Khandelwal

Leading growth at Codeyoung