07 Sep 2021

What is STEM? | The Ultimate Guide - 2021

Twisa Debbarma

“The pen is mightier than the sword” and education makes it possible. The process of learning and creating ideas, values, morals, and beliefs is primarily known as education.

There are different types of education and one such important and widely recognized is STEM Education.


Define STEM Education

STEM was first coined in 2001 by the scientific administrators at the U.S National Science Foundation(NSF).

S-Science T-Technology E-Engineering M-Mathematics

As the acronym states, STEM amalgamates ideas from these four disciplines to help students be practical problem solvers. Education has different dimensions and exploration of all of it is important for creating a civilized society.

Why is STEM education important?

The youth of today are more worried about climate change and other environmental issues. As per Gallup News, concerns regarding global warming, 70% of the young population aged between 18 to 34 have concerns about global warming.

This statistic is a clear example of how the younger generation thinks and conceptualizes. Specialized studies can yield higher quality results, that’s why it has become very important to incorporate ideas that challenge and push boundaries.

STEM does exactly that and does it beautifully. STEM education believes in making concepts concrete, and independent thinking. Flexible thinkers are nuggets of any great discovery, and with STEM we have a generation of discoverers in the making. Therefore, for a better tomorrow, we devote our today to STEM.

What are the benefits of STEM education?

The benefits of STEM education are as follows:

Creativity and Imagination

A catalyst to great thinking is creativity and imagination. Traditional education gives us a problem with a solution attached to it, but STEM allows a student to come up with a solution of their own with previously acquired knowledge. This kind of imaginative progression is great for K-12 STEM education kids. The potentials of the human mind are endless and STEM can bring that out in you.

Resilience mindset

STEM is, in all honesty, difficult. It requires dedication and equal effort in all four disciplines to make the most out of it. Steady progress in all four disciplines is what makes a student in STEM resilient. Trial and error are super important. This process of learning helps students build resilience towards situations that are not in human control but turn it to their advantage. This mindset is very essential when you are trying to make a change in the real world.

Experiential learning

This type of learning is what makes STEM unique and important. STEM educators incorporate students in research-based projects or experiments because to be able to see and understand makes conceptualizing all the more interesting and useful. Seeing the idea or concept come to life is a feeling that a lot of innovators and achievers have felt over the years and STEM encourages students to go through the same thinking and learning process.

Teamwork is dream work

Students all over the world are now gearing towards institutes and organizations that are STEM accredited. Because there is so much global competition, this exposure is good for children as well as for the parents and teachers. This enunciates positive behavior and tolerance among the students and evokes empathy-led thinking. Which is not just limited to the classrooms but in real life as well.

Implementation of knowledge

STEM learning heavily focuses on the hands-on experience. Taking a practical spin on all the disciplines under its umbrella. It inculcates children who actively engage in the material they are learning. For instance, at Codeyoung our students not only learn the theoretical aspects of coding but are actively involved in projects through the guidance of their mentors.

Boosts tech-friendly behaviors

Today everything involves technological devices and knowing when and how to use them is a huge advantage. STEM helps to understand the nuances of technological theories and their implications and usage in our day-to-day lives.

Alleviate Problem-Solving

There are stages of problem-solving but the one you perform after going through a STEM education is very life-like. Real problem-solving needs real solutions and real tools which need expertise and supervision. STEM prepares students for all those things beforehand and is a real problem solver.

Adaption is the key to success

STEM education is well designed in ways one can adapt and time and again have already proved that adapting to new ways of thinking is always the key to success. STEM helps students in the adaptation of concepts to real-world situations. This helps them grasp the problems and strategically work through them.

Is Codeyoung STEM accredited?


Yes, Codeyoung was STEM accredited in the year 2021.

STEM, as we have read so far is the education of the next generation. The world is progressing at a rapid rate, therefore to keep up with the changes, building courses accordingly has become paramount. STEM embedded courses give liberty to students to choose from any of the fields mentioned in it with the vast amount of scopes and variations.

Codeyoung provides STEM approved long-term curriculum that is not only kid-friendly but essential for the upcoming years’ prospects as well.

Some of our STEM approved long-term curriculum courses are:

  1. Python
  2. Java Builder
  3. Website Master
  4. Algorithm Master
  5. Scratch
  6. MIT App Inventor

And much more!

For more information, visit Codeyoung.

How is that beneficial to the students?

  • Students enrolled with us will be a part of the real change. They will get the experience of learning coding from some of the best mentors in the nation.

  • STEM accredited long-term curriculum courses of Codeyoung help the students to plan ahead of time and allow them to invest more time in learning and acquiring the required skill set.

  • STEM.org is globally recognized all around the world, making it all the more appealing for the students and parents for acquiring the learning legacy of the real contributors and educators of the real world. That’s why Codeyoung encourages exposure to activities (learning different types of languages) that are stimulating for a child’s overall growth.

  • After receiving all the applause, STEM has now incorporated another important field of study, Arts hence the name- STEAM. So, are you saying Arts as a whole is STEAM? No, because to understand arts skills one must also study science and maths.

  • Critical thinking, creative solutions, and collaboration are essential life skills, and Codeyoung enables students to foster these skills during their course duration.

Activities and Projects under STEM

  • Paper plane bullseye: As we have already read that STEM helps students to inculcate the concepts into the real world. Techwire mentioned this project which consists of a plane and two targets at five and ten meters respectively. Fold them and after changing their design check how farther can they go after touching the target.

  • Practical Action has many other practical real-world projects some of them are: Stop the spread, Ditch dirt, and many more.

  • Activities as simple as building LEGO and playing Minecraft are capable of generating problem-solving skills as suggested by Newcastle under Lyme College.


STEM curriculum is the future of education. Therefore, enrolling your kids in one is the smartest way to prepare them for the upcoming ventures.

Are you interested? Do you want your child to be a part of the change?

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