About Us

Codeyoung is a platform where your kids can let their imaginations run wild. It is a platform where students are taught to be creative, innovative and use coding in the most unusual way possible. Our classes are for kids between the ages of 5-17.

Codeyoung is a world where your kids can experiment and create. It is a platform where kids are nurtured. A place where they are not spoon-fed and can learn how to solve problems on their own.
We foster creativity, build confidence and curiosity through coding.

Unlike other coding courses, we prefer a more hands-on organic approach. Our courses are for kids from Class 1 to Class 10. Our sessions are not typical. They are interactive, binge-able, bite sized and student-centric.

Our Vision
Our vision is to enhance the creativity, curiosity and confidence of every child in the world.
Our Mission
Our mission is to make School education more student-centric and help them become creative & confident individuals and problem solvers of tomorrow
About Founders
Shailendra Dhakad

Shailendra is a young IIT Delhi alumnus. Being very passionate about education, he was a part of and founded many educational projects in college. In his final year of college, while he was participating in placements, he realized that even after 14 years of schooling, and 4 years of college, there is hardly any tangible skill that has been taught which is directly applicable in the jobs offered. Also, many innate skills like creativity and independent thinking are indeed not supported in the traditional school curriculum while these are the skills most needed to succeed in today’s world. He wanted to do something for this but he wanted to learn the nuances of ideation and execution needed for building a startup. He worked in various startups in different capacities to understand the ecosystem better. Finally, he decided to take the plunge and launched Codeyoung (formerly known as SmaOwl) in November 2019.

Rupika Taneja

Rupika is a young IIT Delhi alumnus. While she was in college, she was very active in social service projects and has always been interested in problem-solving and working in teams. She joined Flipkart just after college, where she started working as a business analyst. It was a great learning experience for her, where she was working with different stakeholders, understanding problems, and solving and growing stakeholders at a great scale. She proved to be a star performer in Flipkart and could pull on feats scary to most. This motivated her to take on a bigger and more meaningful personal challenge. She is currently the core administrator of the company handling core functions like Sales, Operations, and Academics. She joined Shailendra on the journey to build Codeyoung with the mission of making creators and problem-solvers for tomorrow.