Student Projects

Take a sneak-peek into the world of Codeyoung and see what our students have been up to. Prepare to get your minds blown.
Student of the Month
S. Aakash

14 years, India

Learner since last 4 months

Python Programming

Aakash won the Coding Carnival for the month of June 2021. He finished the hackathon with 80% accuracy in just 79 mins!

Advait Bhojnagarwala Translator App
3rd Grade

Advait Bhojnagarwala from Grade 3has developed a TRANSLATOR APP where you can translate English into French and Spanish

Drashini Senthil Scratch Basics

Meet Darshini Senthil, studying in KG 2 who made her own Story Book on Fox and the Crow through her Scratch coding classes from codeyoung.

Himmika The Clothing Store
7th Grade

Himmika made a great use of her coding skills and she ended up making a website for her family clothing store , watch this video to have a look at the website she created.

Prakhar Singh Parihar Get the Strawberry
5th Grade

Prakahr Singh Parihar, studying in 5th grade who made his own game "Get the Strawberry " through his Scratch coding classes from codeyoung.Watch him tell you more about his game

Elizah Waheed Fish Tag Game
2nd Grade

Elizah Waheed made her own game "Fish tag Game" through her Scratch coding classes from her tell you more about her game.

Avneesh Tour of India
2nd Grade

Avneesh Sundaray' of 2nd Grade made great use of his coding skills and he ended up making a video presentation of India's enchanting sights.