10 Aug 2021

Technology and Children During Pandemic | 2021

Twisa Debbarma

Advancements happen all the time, all over the world. The choices are up to us, what to use and how to use. The education industry has gone through so many phases to get to where it is today. This includes pandemics and how things have changed due to them.

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master” -Cristian Lous Lange

Exposure of technology to generation z is more than ever. Within the cusp of absolute ripe age where you experience and understand things all for the first time which stays with you all along. You need proper guidance and programming for kids has paved the way towards building that attitude.

It is the responsibility of the adults, communities, and society as a whole to guide and talk about technology that helps the child to grow and nurture their abilities and skills and not the other way around.

Technology over the years:

Let us have a look at the way technology developed over the years.


This statistic by ourworldindata.org shows the gradual growth of how the number of transistors on microchips doubles every two years. The basic internal part of any technological device.


This is a world economic forum statistic that sheds light on the evolution of technology and how human societies have reacted to it.


Lastly, this information depicted was a survey conducted by McGraw Hill Education on the overall functioning of a student’s experience using technology. As you can see, 86% of students say that technology is more effective and efficient than the non-technological approach.

Evolution of education with technology:

The above study is one of the many studies conducted over the years on how educational technology is beneficial to both students and teachers.


This is a Cisco survey that suggests schools and universities all around the world are adopting technology for future generations to be well qualified and technologically advanced.

The percentages, numbers, graphs, so much data, and all of it state the same, technology is a powerful tool.

Children using technology for different intentions:

For online classes giphy.gif

For extracurricular activities


For learning a skill


For recreational purposes


For socializing


The list goes on and on. Nowadays anything and everything is technology-driven. And the fact that children spent so much time with it gradually affects their mental and physical health.

The Downside of Technology

To have so many advantages to a thing, it is for sure that there will be disadvantages associated with it as well. The pandemic has left no stones unturned on misery. It has left children and parents anxious about everything. More than ever, the unwarranted amount of time spent on the internet has made children more vulnerable to predators on the internet.

Parents and guardian figures should be extremely careful more than ever about the use of the internet by their children.

Parents can help alleviate children during such hard times:

Parents can help regulate essential habits to reinforce the proper use of technology in the following ways:

By monitoring your technology usage habits, you can easily monitor your child’s use of technology. By setting a fixed screen time for different activities that use technology. By using the media together, it is also an effective way of channeling family bonding. By playing board games or games that don’t need the use of technology. By doing some kind of physical activity together as a family, for example, gardening, hiking, picnic and so on.

These tips not only help the children but it helps the parents as well. It allows them to have a break from their WFH scenes.


Technology will grow and keep expanding but we have got one body. Therefore, take care of it and continue using technology for all your beneficial choices.

If you have made it this far. Share with us some of your technology tips.

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