15 Apr 2021

5 Career Prospects For Kids Who Code

Hritika Singh

The rapidly changing world of tech is reaching new advancements every day making coding has been one of the most talked-about and important 21st-century skill. To keep up with the needs of the industry and serve people with the best products and services, companies need specialists to carry out different roles that can maximise their efficiency. This diversifies the roles of a coder, leaving them with plenty of options to choose from. And yes, if you think that job of a programmer is boring, then let's bust some myths today!

As many avenues and roles open in companies, coding has become a must-have skill on the resume. For those who wish to make a career in coding, here are 5 career prospects for kids who code -

1. Junior and Senior Developers

This is the most commonly known role available in the industry. For a junior level role, the job involves writing simple scripts, at the same time understanding the product lifecycle. Along with this, be well-versed with the databases and services used to create them. 0 to 3 years of experience is required for a junior developer role. Further, junior developers continue to get into a senior role. At a more senior level, developers need to write complex codes and handle key projects. They are also required to troubleshoot issues and handle projects end-to-end. Their job also involves user analysis, designing web frames for both UX and UI and managing schedules to ensure completion before deadlines. A few more years of experience lead them to climb up the ladder. They can go on to becoming a Chief Technology Officer of any high growth company or startup.

2. Data Scientist

Data Scientists run their analysis of data to reach key insights. These findings are extremely crucial for the company as they can help them forecast future possibilities. These results then drive the growth and play a significant role in the decision making of the company. The skillset required for a data scientist is quite varied. From the likes of clickstreams, social media to GPS plots, the position of a Data Scientist gives the opportunity to lead a company into an innovative and efficient future and can be extremely fulfilling.

3. Mobile Application Developers

From the ticket booking app to the mind-hooking games, the applications on your mobile are built by Mobile Application Developers. One of the most rewarding careers, both in terms of monetary compensation and job satisfaction, this role is one of the most sought-after tech roles. At the present moment, the mobile industry is currently filled with newer and more exciting opportunities. On a daily basis, over 1,000 apps are uploaded to the App Store and 30 million are downloaded by customers across the world! With statistics backing their relevance, developers are encouraged to push their limits towards more and more dynamic and progressive ideas.

4. Lead Architects

Also referred to as 'Lead Developer', the role of Lead Architects is a senior technical rank and doesn’t include management. A Lead Architect's basic skills remain the same as a Senior Developer but require a lot more experience. More than writing code, their role is to drive innovative growth by designing complex systems that will then be implemented and carried out by developers. They also coordinate and guide the junior and senior developers on the new projects initiated by them.

5. Web developer

Almost every business, small or big requires a website that provides an enticing user experience to the consumers who visit these pages. Websites are an important asset for any company as it tells its first-hand story. However, the way it looks or the way it functions is a result of a web developer’s work. While most careers require you certain years of job experience, you do not necessarily need a lot of years of experience to become a web developer. You can either go work for a company or agency or even start your own web development services, Start by pitching to small business owner and build your portfolio of credible clients. This can then be leveraged to get more of the attractive offers in the market.


The future of coding is bright. With the increasing demand for coding jobs in the market, the monetary compensation in the field goes higher than any other role at a similar level. Moreover, coders also get a chance to work on the key development areas of any company and become the driving force. For those who love problem-solving, careers in coding provide them with a new problem statement and challenge every day. While some of these roles require you to have a minimum bachelor's degree, roles like web development do not require educational qualifications but well-versed skills.


Hritika Singh

An edtech enthusiast, avid reader who is found exploring new places and writing about them.